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    The Register of Geographical Names is the basic and public register of geographical names of settlements and spatial objects with data on their geospatial position, classification and other attributes and is kept in accordance with resolutions adopted within the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) and INSPIRE directive. The register of geographical names contains the names of settlements, administrative units, buildings, hydrographic objects, traffic objects, relief forms, landscapes and plots, land cover objects, protected areas and other spatial objects. The Register of Geographical Names has the status of an official register and contains toponyms that are in official use in the Republic of Serbia, both in the Serbian language and in the languages ​​of national minorities (for settlements in those local self-government units where provided by law). As the Register of Geographical Names is the reference base, all natural and legal persons are obliged to use the names listed in the Register of Geographical Names when using geographical names in official correspondence and electronic and printed publications containing the names of spatial objects.