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  • In the state reference system it is possible to position parcels, objects, utilities, terraine, topographics objects both in vertical and horizontal sense. Whithin State reference system it is possible to determine: spatial (three-dimensional) reference system, horizontal (two-dimensional) reference system, vertical (one-dimensional) reference system, gravimetric and astronomical reference system. Spatial and horizontal reference system are defined with SREF and AGROS. SREF – Geodetic reference basis of Serbia relies on the Yugoslav reference framework – YUREF which represents the implementation of European framework – EUREF for the territory of Yugoslavia. The network points evenly cover the territory of the state with distance between each other of about 10km. With establishing the GPS reference network, a unique and homogenous mathematical basis for all geodetic, navigational and other activities on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia is provided. With positioning reference GPS network points on the EUREF – Еuropean Reference Framework points, coordinates under a unique referent frame of Europe are determined. SREF network consists of 838 points.

  • The trigonometric network consists of a set of points permanently marked and classified in two main and two additional orders according to hierarchy. Points are distributed evenly around country with average distance of 4 km.