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    The address register is the elementary and public register of house numbers and names of streets and squares in a settlment. Includes the determination of house numbers for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for cadastral parcels that are planned for construction by the urban plan. The address register contains the following information: registration number and name of the municipality; registration number and name of the settlement; registration number and name of the cadastral municipality; street identification number and name of the street or square; the former name of the street or square with the modifications date; house number in the settlement; house number in the street or the square with the modifications date; inherited house number; cadastral parcel number; number of parts of the cadastral parcel under the building.

  • Register of spatial units contains border, name and registration number for the following spatial units: Republic of Serbia, autonomus region, administrative district, city, municipality, cadastral district, cadastral municipality, settlement, statistical and enumeration district. Enumaration and statistical circuit do not have names.

  • The Condominium register is an electronic database and documents that contain data on registered joint units on the territory of the Local Self-Government Unit. According to the Law, the condominium community is entered in the Condominium register maintained by the local self-government unit and which organizes the work of the Register according to its territorial jurisdiction. The register contains the following data that are registered, recorded and published: business name and addresses of the Condominium commnity; data on the number of separate parts of the building; identification data on the manager, for a domestic manager: name and surname and JMBG, and for a foreign manager: name and surname, number of the travel document and the country of issuance of the travel document; identification data on the professional manager and organizer of professional management; housing registration number; tax identification number for housing communities; Condominium community bank account number and contact details.

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    Cadastral parcels are basic cadastral territorial units and represent a land part in the cadastral municipality determined by the border (boundary) which is marked with a unique number and on which there is a right of ownership. These data are part of the Digital Cadastral Plan, which is part of the electronic database of the Real Estate Cadastre. Data of cadastral parcels contain: cadastral parcel number, status of digital cadastral plan, the name of the political and cadastral municipality to which the parcel belongs, in Latin and Cyrillic, the political and cadastral municipality code, ​​the parcel area, the parcel status and its geometry.