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  • Digital terrain model (DTM) is represented by height points determined at the positions of a predetermined grid and structure lines that characterize the height structure of the surface of interest in which there are changes in the configuration of this surface. DTM of grid 10 m was made on the basis of aerial photogrammetric acquisition of resolution 20 cm from the epoch 2007-2010. The issuance of digital terrain model is regulated by Law on Republic Administrative Taxes which regulates the amount of the fee for services provided by the Republic Geodetic Authority.

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    The map of the basic land cover is a presentation of the classified content of biophysical phenomena on the Earth's surface. The map was made for the territory of the Republic of Serbia using SPOT 5 satellite images with a resolution of 10 m collected in 2011. The product is made in accordance with the INSPIRE specification for the topic of land cover.